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This is a small selection of the hundreds of online features covering myriad subjects I've written.  For a selection of celebrity, lifestyle and print pieces, please see PDFs of articles.

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My Guyanese heritage seems to mystify people - but I couldn't be more proud of my past

Too Indian? Not Indian enough. Born and Bred British? Not British enough. Why does no one know about us British Guyanese? Joy Persaud talks about her family history

Cancel exams and let teachers teach

Many children have had no education since March 2020 and may miss more school due to lockdowns. It's time to prioritise their learning – not tests.

The PTA needs your help

Don't whinge about the PTA – why not lend a hand instead?

The challenges of moving up to be a senior after lockdown ended primary school early

For pupils entering year seven - the start of senior school - September 2020 will be unusually tough.

The end-of-term dilemma: does your child's teacher deserve a present this year? 

With many schools shut and online teaching sporadic, end of year presents for teachers is a more fiery topic among parents than ever.


The rise of the micropub

Tiny pubs no bigger than a living room are rapidly growing in popularity among those with a love of beer and social interaction.

How to: start recruiting again

What is best practice on how to recruit to meet your needs post-lockdown – while adhering to government guidelines.

Summer school for home learners

Struggling to balance the demands of homeschooling with working from home? Try these simple steps to help make things less painless and more productive.

Management strategies: how to handle a negative employee

The impact of a negative employee will ripple through a team, especially a small one, so managers must tackle the issue swiftly and carefully to avoid ongoing problems.

Online upskilling in your downtime

There are many opportunities to hone your business expertise during lockdown, with online courses aimed at helping you to polish existing skills or learn new ones.

On the radar: Liverpool
The latest in a series profiling three companies at different stages of business life, looking at the influence the city in which they are based has had on their business journey so far. 

Noteworthy ideas for journals

Whether you need a journal to record your thoughts, progress or work goals, there are options to suit everyone – and they make ideal gifts to last the year.

A natural choice: bring the outside in

Spending time indoors need not mean spending time away from nature, we can still reap the benefits if our homes are transformed with greenery and flowers.

Make do and mend

Revamping and repairing old clothes can give your wardrobe a new lease of life and help prevent your unloved garb ending up in landfill.

Investing in the arts

Whether you are a fan of art, dance, film or theatre, there are opportunities to invest in and help the sector while potentially reaping financial rewards.

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Does sustainable investing mean low returns?

The choice as to where to put your funds is widening, but myths still abound, with many believing that sustainable investing means lower returns.

Putting our money where our values are

“We need to put our money where our values are”: Why four people checked where their money was invested.

Ways to make your home eco-friendly

There are loads of things you can do to make your home as eco-friendly as you are, and you might save money too. Find out how your home can help the planet.

How to have a stress-free – and fair – split

Divorce is often traumatic and expensive, so what can you do to make things go as smoothly and fairly as possible to minimise disruption to all involved?

How to host an eco-friendly celebration

From wrapping to re-gifting, we run through simple ways for those who want to be more eco-friendly this festive season.

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