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Investing in the arts

Whether you are a fan of art, dance, film or theatre, there are opportunities to invest in and help the sector while potentially reaping financial rewards.

SME tools: the new rules of social

The regulations around social media are changing - businesses need to know them before posting online.

The rise of the micropub

Tiny pubs no bigger than a living room are rapidly growing in popularity among those with a love of beer and social interaction.

On the radar: Liverpool 

The latest in a series profiling three companies at different stages of business life, looking at the influence the city in which they are based has had on their business journey so far.

Office politics

Workplaces can be rife with conflict and clashes, which can cost businesses dearly. How do you keep things professional?

Leadership lessons: creating a harmonious SME

Leading by example is a powerful way to cultivate a harmonious workplace, as attitudes and behaviour filter down from business owners to employees.

Hot chocolate

Splash out on incredible chocolate gifts from creative and compassionate UK producers.

Tax changes for BTL landlords

Private landlords must stay abreast of the government’s changes to tax law so they ensure they pay what they owe.

Space-saving storage

Built-in storage can transform a home from a cluttered space into one that is organised and attractive.

Home improvements: what do they cost?

Most homeowners revamp their property, so what’s the best way to budget for jobs and keep control of the purse strings?

Shop, don't drop

Hate shopping, or stuck in a style rut? A personal stylist can reinvigorate your wardrobe, making shopping a stress-free experience.


Mind the diversity gap: doing better business

An inclusive employment policy yields many business benefits, so start-ups wishing to get ahead of the pack would do well to weave diversity into their practices from day one.

Reputation management: how to keep yours strong

In a world where customer opinion spreads in seconds, safeguarding your SME’s positive standing is a dynamic and vital process.

The SME Toolkit: reducing staff turnover

Part of a series of practical guides tailored to start-ups and SMEs. Retaining talent is an ongoing challenge for all businesses.

Why ownership succession plans are key for robust family governance

Family governance is critical to keeping a business thriving during the handover from one generation to the next.

What SMEs can learn from social enterprise

Social enterprise in the UK is thriving, with many small companies making a healthy turnover as they successfully improve communities, people’s life chances and the environment.

Mightier than the sword

Exquisite pens can be passed down or kept for investment. Here’s what you need to know about buying sought-after writing implements.